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Christmas Eve 2011

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March 2nd, 2012 >> ❤heart drinks, eastern, mooie, special occasions, yummy yummy~

Me Christmas eve~

Early in the morning, me dated me bf out for breakfast @ Farrer Park.. He said he wanna take me to a delicious dim sum shop which opens only at odd timing like maybe 8pm to10am.. or something like that…

I can’t deny that the “xiao loong pau”, “big pau”, porridge and “shui jiao” was pretty nice…

“Xiao loong pau” on the left, and “shui jiao” on the right..

Then, me and Win went to Plaza Singapura shopping~ while Chun went back home to finish up his housework…

Me doing Christmas shopping~

That amoi…

We watch Alvin & The Chipmunks 3, it was pretty cute and alittle funny.. but not that really nice…

It’s Christmas Eve, we gathered and had dinner together~ @ Vivo…

Aunty Li Ching bought us sweet and chocolates~

Catherine got us gingerbread cookie, shaped like (fluff) in Facebook~ exactly the same..

I love Christmas~

Having Christmas drinks~

Attendance taken!

Bought a Starbucks tumbler~ Christmas edition~

My presents~ i Love Christmas, did I just said that again? Yes, I love Christmas~

A night before’s event, we went to Yandy’s church for some performance.. and she gave me this cute micro towel Kitty glove~


Waiting for this year’s Christmas~

it’s all about surviving and the food…

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November 20th, 2010 >> accessories, ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, desserts, eastern, fast foods, hot pot, mooie, yummy yummy~

during the last week of September, i woke up… (just to be alittle dramatic like "Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day.

finally i updating about my last week in September…

Friday night of September 24th.. aunty Li Ching dated me to have "Da Chang Jing" BBQ steamboat at Kallang.. me and Chun were late because we got lost and i mis-communicated with aunty whether where should we stop and meet her… so she went to the shop earlier coz we've booked earlier..

at first, when we saw the shop.. kinda lost appetite.. coz the restaurant was kinda dirty.. but aunty Li Ching recommended this restaurant, that's why we're there that day… that shop offers no more delicious food, but foods which scares off people… no more next time…

we did their BBQ… all night, the thing i ate was the hotdog… i dun even really dare to eat their veggies.. usually veggies in soup are my fave… but not this time, afraid that they didn't wash them.

don't be duped by the look of the pictures.. it looks tempting and yummy but it isn't.. but they do taste fresh… its just because the magic of my camera..




the meal wasn't satisfying.. so we went to Bugis for desserts~ dined @ ah Chew Desserts


they have a list of desserts to choose from.. from bitter to sweet, expensive to cheap, hot to cold.. you name it.. but if you want something more, you better cook yourself..


look at aunty Li Ching, she's another pro photographer~~


i love the pomelo mango sago here, super delicious.. but sometimes the pomelo is a bit bitter..


the aunty Ah Xue don't dare to show face… hehe… too ghostly..


his first time here..


and when the weekends came.. we went to church on Sunday and ended up indulging the foods @ Chinatown… i bet you want too~

had Holland V XO Fish Head Bee Hun @ Chinatown… used to eat always near OngOng house.. but then i was told that the shop was relocated… but don't know where.. coz i was to brought Han Jun and his gang there for dinner but ended up in Bugis Fish Pot..

look at the pretty aunty posing at the back…

not the one at the front..


i ordered the same stuffs OngOng always ordered for us.. he said that's their best food~ the dried fried hor fun fillet~

this is the XO fish head bee hoon~


their famous fried chicken.. Ong always claim them to be the best compared to KFC Singapore.. lol..


aunty Rainie and Ah Xue wasn't with us.. Rainie went back so Sitiawan while Ah Xue bz sleeping at home.. so we left them some takeaway.. hehe..


after the satisfying meal, we went for desserts~~

the desserts shop just around the corner..


this guy was bugging me.. he wanted to eat this from the menu… making sad face..


whats that you said?? take a good close look…


that's why i don't want.. yuckkss..

but at least, the bf is happy with the cendol snow ice i ordered~



he ordered the black sesame paste.. loving them too~


me and aunty Li Ching~


after the eating of the day, we went to Vivocity for a walk… Chun really wanted to watch the Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen very hard so we had too.. too Donnie Yen movie… he's still handsome like when i met him years back when i was young… =)


but we bought some snacks inside~ guess what i had?

Carl's Jr~
Carl's Jr Chilli Cheese Fries~~


we went for a walk @ roof top Vivocity because we our movie was 2 hours after that.. and aunty Li Ching wanna training… for her photography skill…

look at her~ almost pro..

the scenery.. looks kinda gloomy.. but it was warm.. heaty..


the end of the day…

i bought a new trolley luggage from Tangs~ so happy because 2 weeks before that, me and Chun dropped by and checked out about the luggage there.. was surveying for prices.. then 1 week before, we went to JB and check out the price there.. RM999 for that size of luggage, pink color and 360' wheels in House of Leather.. after discount was RM899.. still pricey…

when we went to Tangs on that day.. it was on 40% off sale~ really excited and i bought on the spot.. (i really have to thank God for the return from my little offering that morning… i really believe in your reward~)

i needed a bigger luggage for BKK on January 2011, so i bought it.. check out my new hot pink luggage, its 23"..

i haven't peel off the matt laminate/protector on the body, that's why it looks like kinda old and scratched..
it supposed to be glossy..


it comes with a cover to prevent the luggage to discolor due to exposure to sunlight..


i hope this brand to be a good choice because the office is in Spore.. you remember the smaller Heys 20" hot pink luggage i bought earlier this year?? this smaller luggage costs more than the 23" new ones…

p/s: the small one broken down early this month when i took it to Seremban.. pengzz… sad.. and you know what, there's no office or manufacturer or whatsoever retail outlet in Spore… and i had to brought it back from Seremban to Spore broken.. and now… I'm thinking to drag it back to KL maybe on CNY to pass it to 1Utama Parkson to fix it… i am not sure whether they're gonna fix it themself or send it all the way back to China(manufacturer) or Canada(designer) to fix it.. pengz…

here's the picture of the 23" and 20" hot pink luggage~

was excited when i bought the new luggage.. but not anymore when the smaller one broken down…

=/ ugh…

they call me heartbreaker…

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September 17th, 2010 >> accessories, ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, eastern, family, mooie, yummy yummy~

end of last month, before Chun officially came to Singapore… he came once to look for a room to rent first and also did his medical check up and stuffs…

i took him out the second day to the room viewing and in between, we went visiting..

lunch @ Dian Xiao Er, Vivocity after 2 rooms viewing in the morning… first one was ok, but the second one looks like someone's store room with alarm system.. pengz… but whatever, we didn't took it..

scrumptiously delicious lunch~


after the delicious lunch, we went for a walk in Sentosa.. took Chun to the casino… actually it's my first time there too.. looked around and found Universal Studio..




i couldn't resist from buying the flavored gourmet popcorn from Garrett after i loved the popcorn i bought from Cornery.. Garrett it's located near to the entrance to the Universal Studio..

happiness~ excited~

but it was quite a disappointment… coz I'd actually love the Cornery popcorn better than this.. because firstly, its very oily.. secondly, the popcorn is not fresh and soft.. thirdly, its pricey.. cheapest pack at $8 for Chicago Mix (means mixed caramel popcorn with cheese popcorn), which I've bought, so i can taste both flavors.. maybe because it's not cheap, that's why the sales weren't good, ended up with not-so-fresh-popcorn.. maybe.. can be… could be… maybe i should try the one with the nuts next time..



this is the almond CaramelCrisp~  

i took my popcorn in to the casino.. and the guard who checked my pass, wanted to take it away coz he said "Thank You".. i was abit shocked.. i gasped and then i pulled my hands toward my body.. assuming he's gonna take away my popcorn~ duh… then the guard smiled, i think maybe he thought the same.. lol…



after 10 mins inside the casino, we had to made our move out… had another room viewing appointment later.. third room of the day was the best… airy, clean, bright and etc.. paid and signed on the spot… 

walla… all done… mission accomplished..

we took a bus to Geylang Serai to visit mammi because wanna show Chun how the Malay Village looks like during Ramadan month.. all the Ramadan Market hooded under the tents…


and the next day, i took a half day off to accompany him.. after he went to the office, we went to Bugis to catch a movie… watched the Expendables… yawning, no interesting storyline movie… and violent too… bluek..

a day before, went to AMK for a walk with Li Ching aunty.. and i bought this for my meimei… she's been hinting me that she wants it the last time i was in KL.. finally this is for her… DOMOKUN~

nah… not both of the Domo… only the shoulder bag~ and the tote is for my lunch bag.. hehe..


and also bought this cute fluffy bunny to hang around with the Domo when i leave them in the office..


and also this 2 socks for my everyday gym use… i wonder where my socks went.. always MIA… after laundry… sigh…


oh ya, i did mentioned i bought some stuffs for my new boyfriend… cute??

yeah, i know… luckily its not pink right? LOL…


gonna meet my new bf this weekend.. so happy~