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Antoinette sweet treat~

Posted by: emily

November 29th, 2012 >> desserts, grumpy baby, yummy yummy~

There’s one day in June…

We walked to Antoinette during lunch to pack this cake~ Really wanted to try them after seeing a friend posting it on my news feed… Love the old English Victorian style…

Ate the Antoinette the next day.. After I fall down while walking… And the cake, partly damaged… Sad day, sweet treat… Eating Antoinette with bruised knees… However, the cake still taste delicious… the crunch in the middle and the green tea flavor… the chocolate coated top.. yummy~

<3 strudel

Posted by: emily

October 31st, 2012 >> desserts, gadgets, grumpy baby, yummy yummy~

It’s Halloween tonight~

But I’m not gonna post anything about it… LOL~

Just sharing my Strawberry Strudel with additional <3 strawberry I added last 15th July~

Was busy enjoying my strawberry strudel and fixing my laptop… The windows program had some complications and it sort off couldn’t reboot.. Stuck @ the Windows welcome page..

Pissed off and enjoying strudel at the same time.. FML…


i resigned, again!

Posted by: emily

April 1st, 2011 >> family, grumpy baby, work!

Finally… it’s the time of the year again…

As what we’ve been through… I resigned on the 1st April last 2 years from Nota Design when everybody thought that I was just fooling around because it’s the April Fool Day… but I am not.. Ha-ha… just resigning for fun`~

The history repeated again but just that I’ve already resigned last mid March… the boss asked me to stay… but… it is so hard to make my decision… The boss actually offered me to stay with the IT dept which helps do mostly interactive design, and i get to leave early like only office hour job.. but.. It’s so damn sien! Tried for 1 day and I got really bored…

I really wanted to stay because I like my work, and my nice senior and gf and colleagues, and the fun Mr. Tan, and even the new girl… just that I don’t like the other department’s management… they’re such a black sheep.. Always making people staying back late because of their fault… I can’t stand them taking advantage of us… and they don’t have the courtesy of asking people’s permission or favor to stay back… like it or not, I had to stay because… I wish I could have guts just to walk away (I did once or twice)… and now I really have “balls”! Haha… Walking away leaving them behind, very proud of myself… “Keep Walking” – Johnnie Walker

The 2nd approach to my boss for my final decision! I double and triple confirmed with myself, “CONFIRM RESIGN”. This makes me supposed to serve till only mid of April as per stated in the resignation letter, but the boss insisted me on working till end of April… Today’s rule is only for today, tomorrow different mood different rules… so let’s wait till mid of April; I might have the chance to stop serving mid of the month… or maybe not…

Really wanna hands off mid of April.. I wanna go back and celebrate Amma’s birthday and meimei’s birthday with them.. and maybe also help to bug Amma for awhile in Seremban… sigh.. maybe… Her voice scares me all the time.. especially at night.. phobia…

Finally… It’s the new beginning soon~